Saturday, April 13, 2019

Sand Castles Quilt Top

I have put my blocks together for the Sand Castles quilt from Bonnie Hunter's String Frenzy.

This isn't the greatest picture, but I don't like to handle tops too much before they are quilted to avoid stretching the edges (even though I stay-stitched them). So, I simply draped her over the countertop (she's a BIG girl) to give an idea of how she looks. After quilting, I'll hang her outside and get a better photo.

She will likely wait until the end of the semester for quilting--I'm pretty much overbooked for work until then! I'll show her again when she is completely finished.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Still Building Sand Castles

I'm continuing to work on Bonnie Hunter's Sand Castles quilt from her latest book String Frenzy.

I finished all the parts, so I'm now assembling blocks.

Here's a sample block.

 I love the way these are fitting together. The sashing provides a perfect fit for the seams pressed towards it. Everything ends up very flat and neat--front and back.


This is the back of the sample block.

For a little extra fun, I included this block. It may be a challenge to find amid the many four-patches when the quilt is done.

Where's Waldo?

This is a project that I'm really enjoying. As soon as I finish making the last few blocks, I'll start assembling them into the quilt top.

Happy quilting!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Beginning to Build Sand Castles

Though I live nowhere near the beach, I'm starting assembly on the Sand Castles quilt from Bonnie Hunter's book, String Frenzy.

Putting together the block centers (The stiletto is a gift from a quilting friend. Thanks, Carah!)

String triangles added, though not yet trimmed

I think I've got the process figured out now, so full steam ahead!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Happy String Break!

I'm enjoying String...errr...Spring Break this week.

I cleared the decks of projects, so I could start an new one during this week of time off from teaching.

My new project, you ask?

Sand Castles
Sand Castles

This quilt is from Bonnie Hunter's latest book, String Frenzy. It includes string blocks and lots and lots (and lots and lots!) of four-patches.

As you can see, I've been working on the string blocks. Today, I'm sewing strips together for the four-patches.

String Blocks and Strips for Four-Patches

I'm enjoying a new project--and I've a long way to go!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A VERY Full Post

I've been sewing, but I fell behind on my photography, so hold on to your hats--lots of stuff in this post! 😲

First up are two flannel scrap quilts for donation. I wrote about this process HERE and showed my first results HERE.

48" x 62"

Lots of kids' prints

Back and binding (detail)

I have two more nearly done--they are a bit larger at 62" x 74", and they are not made with kids' prints. (I hesitate to say they are made with adult prints--that sounds a bit risque! 😮) I'll post when I finish them.

Next is a mystery quilt. I've posted quilts before made from mysteries engineered by a friend on a forum I visit. (You can see some HERE.) The instructions for this one were designed to make it scrappy, but I've been wanting to use a blue fabric I had in stash, so I went with a more limited color palette.

78" x 78"

Three fabrics (detail)

Back and binding (detail)

I had it pieced for quite a while, but I couldn't decide when I wanted a border on it or not, so the quilt sat in time-out for a bit! I finally pulled it out and finished it. I quilted with straight-line quilting.

Finally, I have finished Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt--Good Fortune. I have done several post about the steps in making this. (If you look in the "Labels" section on the right-hand side of the blog page, click on "Good Fortune," and they will appear on one page for you.)

Good Fortune 74" x 74"

Good Fortune (binding and backing detail)

Wide variety of fabrics (detail)

Even more fabrics! (detail)

A bunny, a goose, kids, peppermints, etc. (detail)

This was a fun project to piece. I substituted yellow/gold for the orange in the original instructions, but all the other colors were the same as the original. The quilting was difficult. For some reason, I kept shredding thread (I think it was the abundance of seams!), and it took a long time to complete. I'm not really happy with the quilting, but as the saying goes, "Finished is better than perfect."

I'm trying to get things finished up before Spring Break because I have a new pattern I want to try... 😏

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Flannel Donation Quilts

In an earlier post, I showed how I cut up a bunch of my flannel scraps and kitted them into quilts. You can see that post HERE.

Here are my first two completed quilts. They are 48" x 60". (They really aren't as wonky in shape as the picture would indicate--I've got vines on the fence behind them!.)

Flannel Donation Quilts

Backing and Binding (detail)

Lots of Different Fabrics! (detail)

Flannel Donation Quilt (detail)

These are made of leftovers from other quilts, nightgowns, and anything else I could find. 😀

I've got more of these to make--stay tuned.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Flannel Baby Quilts

I made a couple of flannel baby quilts--I love flannel--so soft and warm.

Wildlife Baby

Wildlife Baby (back and binding detail)

Jungle Baby

Jungle Baby (focus fabric detail)

Both are combinations of 6" squares and 6" nine-patches--very simple, but still interesting. This is a good use for a focus fabric in combination with smaller pieces of coordinating colors. They are 44" square, with flannel front and back.

Happy quilting.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Stringy Lanes

I decided to make another traditional pattern but with the addition of string blocks.

I made a Sunny Lanes pattern in the past using calico in place of the usually solid "lane" fabric. My post about that quilt can be found HERE.

Calico Sunny Lanes

This time, I replaced the four-patch blocks with string blocks.

Stringy Lanes 74" x 94"

This is a larger quilt than the first, and I'm not really happy with how the lanes at the edges worked. Next time, I need to take a bit more time in the planning stage, to create a more symmetrical pattern.

I do, however, love the colors and fun fabrics.

Stringy Lanes (detail)

Stringy Lanes (detail) Two little monkey faces

Stringy Lanes (detail) Nutcrackers and chocolates

Stringy Lanes (detail) Inspector Clouseau and a chicken

Stringy Lanes (back and binding detail)

This was a fun project. It is easy to replace traditional blocks with string blocks to make a new variation on an old favorite.

I'm almost finished with the top of my Good Fortune quilt (Bonnie K. Hunter's Mystery). I'll have pictures soon.

Happy quilting!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Good Fortune Clue 7

And the mystery continues...

I'm glad for a bit of assembly. Oftentimes, the reveal of a mystery includes extra units and an overwhelming number of things to do--it's nice to do a bit at time.

I updated my quilt journal yesterday. I like to keep track of what I've accomplished. I found that in the past five years I have finished 125 quilts--some big, some small, some gifts, some donations, and a few for me!

I wish you a very Happy New Year!

I'm linking with Quiltville's Mystery Monday.