Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tiddlywinks in Purples and Pinks

I've been working on gift quilts for my youngest nephew and nieces. The quilts are now in their hands, so I can now share my work without spoiling the surprise.

Her mom told me that my youngest niece likes pinks and purples, and I know she likes cats, so this is what I came up with.

It is made with the Tiddlywinks pattern by Roxanne Carter available free HERE. I made this one scrappy with many different fabrics.

The backing is a cat print. It love the print, but I must admit that after working with it, I am less enamoured with the sparkles! They add a nice touch, but my goodness, they are everywhere in my house now!

This is a fairly quick and easy pattern (if you aren't as challenged as I am about layout!), and I've seen it done several ways--different fabrics or different layouts. Jenny Doan did a Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial with an attractive layout HERE.

This quilt is in the dryer as I write--with the sparkles that I'm sure will be left in the machine, my husband and I may be looking pretty festive for a while.

I'm linking with Jo's Country Junction UFO Progress Update and Fiber Tuesday 81 at The Quilting Room with Mel.


  1. beautiful quilt, i haven't seen this pattern before

  2. Thanks, Barbara. I saw one the other day made to look like bats--the shape is a little bat-like.

  3. I love pink and purple together, and I like the new to me quilt pattern. Everyone needs a bit of sparkle in their lives LOL