Monday, June 8, 2015

I-Spy Bowtie (and alternate layouts)

I finished the I-Spy Bowtie quilt:

It ended up 90" x 90"--a bit of a bear to wrangle while quilting, but it was all straight lines which helped.

There are several ways to lay out these blocks. (Note: Clicking the image will take you to the site on which it was originally posted.)

Bowtie 1

This one brings the blocks together in the centers and creates a central octagon secondary pattern.

Bowtie 2

This one alternates direction in every other row.

Bowtie 3

This one has sashing between the blocks which pulls the ties away from each other.

Bowtie 4

This one is set on point (diagonally placed blocks).

Bowtie 5

Bowtie 6

These two have carefully placed blocks to create an overall pattern.

I chose the classic layout, since I wanted the fabrics to be the focus. In the layout I chose, the printed blocks only come together at the points, rather than along the sides, serving to highlight the fabrics rather than the layout.

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