Thursday, July 23, 2020

A Couple of Summer Finishes

Summer is here--the heat is ON! 🔥

I have a couple of finishes to show. First is another donation quilt--this time in neutrals.

Neutral Donation Quilt 62" x 74"

Neutral Donation Quilt (backing and binding detail)

I continue to use 3.5" squares as my leaders and enders (I think this is quilt #12!). As I was working, I set aside the neutral squares until I had enough to combine for this quilt. It is quieter than usual, but I think someone will like it.

This second quilt is for a friend (actually, the mother of a friend!). She likes blue, so I cut from a variety of fabrics. The block is the 2020 Stashbuster from Border Creek Station (January version).

2020 Stashbuster (66" x 98")

2020 Stashbuster (backing and binding detail)

There is a second stashbuster block from Border Creek Station that was revealed in June. With everyone staying home, the participants finished the first quickly, so the company added another project. You can check it out at the same link given above.

I've made and distributed a few masks. There are some I did for family (human and feline!).🐱

In other news, my garden is growing, even though I put things out very late. Something (I'm suspecting a rabbit) denuded my beans, but everything else is doing well in the heat. My crops will be late, but I hope to can several things for winter enjoyment. Stay tuned. 🌿

Try to stay cool, wear a mask, and wash your hands often.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

I Love Scrappy Quilts!

My title will come as no surprise if you have seen any of my quilts!

This first one is made of HSTs that I created from a batch of "creatively-cut" (AKA wonky) squares that I got from a friend (Thanks, Leesa). This is the second quilt from the batch of squares--you can find the first HERE.

Scrappy HSTs--64" x 76"

This photo is of three quilts (overlapped) made of 3.5" squares. I cut these from scraps and combine them with neutrals to use as leaders and enders.

Leaders & Enders Quilts (each is 64" x 76")

These also have backs pieced of 5" scrap squares. They even have scrappy bindings--like I said, I Love Scrappy Quilts!

Leaders & Enders Quilts (back and binding detail)

Happy Summer Solstice! 🌞

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Finally--Some Photos!

I am bad about putting off the photography of my quilts--and a blog post without pictures is a bit boring. I finally got some taken today--yay me!

Here is my version of Frolic--the Bonnie Hunter Mystery.

Frolic 88" x 88"

Frolic (detail)--I wanted to add Kermit the Frog because of a funny segment on Sesame Street that ended, "Everybody Frolic!"

Frolic (detail)--What's a busy scrap quilt without a Waldo to Find?

Frolic (border and backing detail)--Excuse the chalk lines; they will wash out.

Frolic (detail)--Cats, elephants, funny faces, and the Eiffel Tower

Frolic (detail)--Mary Poppins, more funny faces, and gooseneck desk lamps--there is a fabric for everything!

Next is a quilt made from some scraps from a friend. It is a Churn Dash/Greek Cross combination. I did this combo before (though not on-point)--you can see it HERE.

Dash/Cross 80" x 80"

Dash/Cross (border and binding detail)

Dash/Cross (block detail)

Finally, I have a couple of random pictures. First, some petunias.

These are red and yellow-gold, a combination I hadn't seen before. The yellow/gold shows up best when it is cloudy; the sun seems to change it to a whiter shade.

Second, a puzzle I finally finished--1000 pieces, and the words are tiny!

I've got several more quilts in progress; I'll share them when finished. Happy quilting!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

I'm doing Bonnie Hunter's Quilt Along entitled Unity. It is a medallion quilt with a new round added each week.

I have added round three this week. Tiny stars! 😺

This is a fun project, and I am really enjoying it. Thanks, Bonnie.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Unity Quilt Along, Part 2

I'm doing Bonnie Hunter's Quilt Along entitled Unity. It is a medallion quilt with a new round added each week.

I have added round two this week.

What a fun project! Thanks, Bonnie. 👍


Thursday, April 2, 2020

Unity Quilt Along

I'm doing Bonnie Hunter's Quilt Along entitled Unity. It is a medallion quilt with a new round added each week.

Here is my center block without sashing.

I used constant fabrics of each color for the block. My plan is to use different constant colors in each round. I think this will help calm the chaos, and I'll only need to pull out four fabrics each week, instead of everything!

Take care of yourselves and those around you.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

It has been a VERY long time since I've posted. I've been working on projects, but life has kept me very busy!

I've a couple of finishes to show you. First, a bear paw quilt.

Bear Paw (79" x 97")
For the pads of the paws, I used string blocks of scrappy browns. I finished it with a string border.

Bear Paw (detail)

I also finished my Celtic Solstice. I used constant blender fabrics--I wanted the pattern to shine!

Celtic Solstice (78" x 78")

The dark color is actually a very dark brown rather than black as it looks in the photo.

Celtic Solstice (detail)

Celtic Solstice (detail)

I backed it with a soft, beige flannel--it will be a warm one! 😀

I'm still working on Frolic--it needs to be sandwiched and quilted. I've also got other things in progress, and I hope to share them soon.

I'm working from home for the rest of the semester, so I plan to post a bit more often. Take care of yourselves, and WASH YOUR HANDS! 😷