Monday, December 28, 2015

Jamestown Landing--Part 2

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I'm still assembling units for my Jamestown Landing quilt. When you need over eight hundred HSTs, it can take some time!

HSTs sewn and cut

HSTs pressed and trimmed

I think these rascals may be too small to save, even for a Bonnie Hunter quilt!

I'm still working on them. :)  I'm also doing the 4.5" string blocks, but more about that at a later time.

Back to trimming!

Allietare--Fifth Clue

We're up to week five of the 2015 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt--Allietare.

This week was a fairly easy clue--after last week, I think we all needed easy! No cutting--just assembly of things we already had.

Clue Six comes out on New Year's Day--happy sewing, everyone.

You can find Bonnie's instructions for Clue 5 HERE.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Allietare--Fourth Clue

Week four of the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt for 2015--Allietare.

Red, black, and neutral this week to form these trapeziodal units.

They took some time, but I stopped along the way for some refreshment.

This is a Vernaccia--a Tuscan white from San Gimignano. Bonnie's blog entries from her visit there can be found HERE and HERE.

My lovely step-daughter sent beautiful flowers to me for Christmas (Thanks, again!). The first thought I had? Allietare flowers!

If Bonnie had been the florist, I'm sure she would have chosen a range of neutrals rather than only white. :)

Clue Five comes out the day after Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone.

You can find Bonnie's instructions for Clue 4 HERE.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Another New Book

When I saw this book on the blog, Jo's Country Junction, I knew I wanted to have it--who doesn't have fat quarters needing a quilty home?

Click to order your own copy!

75 Fun Fat-Quarter Quilts. Complied by Roxane Cerda. Lafayette, CA: C&T Publishing, 2015.

The idea is wonderful--14 designers, each demonstrating variations of a quilt design. There are thirteen different quilt patterns included, yet with the different layouts and color choices, it feels like there are many more.

Jo Kramer and her daughter, Kelli Hanken, took the Churn Dash block and created seven different really lovely looks with it. You can see some of them HERE.

I recommend this book--such great ideas--and I really like the concept of variations on a theme. The instructions and diagrams are clear and easy-to-follow.

And, also cool, Jo and Kelli signed my copy!

I am not a paid reviewer; I simply like to pass along great things/ideas I find. Best wishes and may your seams be straight . :)

Allietare--Third Clue

Gold and neutral four-patches this week in Bonnie Hunter's Mystery!

I added a little fun:

A British pedestrian and a French hen!

What a great mystery--the steps are doable in the time allotted, and the units aren't complicated to create!

Thanks, Bonnie!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In the Lab--Jamestown Landing: Part 1

I'm experimenting in the sewing lab today.

Last Christmas, my daughter's family gave me a copy of Bonnie Hunter's String Fling. (Thanks, again!)!/String-Fling/p/50087832/category=13038050
Click HERE to preview the quilts and order the book.

I've been through it several times and want to make nearly everything, but I kept coming back to "Jamestown Landing."

Click HERE for a link to the image site.

I don't like blue very much, but I thought I would really like to make it in reds, so I've been seeing how the units go together.

I've foundation pieced before, but never on telephone pages as Ms. Hunter does, so I gave it a try.

It worked like a charm!

The quilt also needs HSTs (lots of them!), so I paired some fabrics and made them the 8-at-a-time way and then trimmed them down.

Because of the squares I began with, this created a bit more waste than I would have liked, but I already had the squares cut, and scrappy means using what you have, right? This method also means that I have eight HSTs that are alike, but I think in the grand scheme of things, that isn't going to show up very much!

After a couple of hours of play, here's what I have:

Just a fraction of the numbers I will need, but now that I've been through the process, I can prepare the components for more and work on them as I get the chance.

That's it from the Mad Quilter's Lab today!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Strings Part V--Finished!

I finished the Christmas String quilt.

Lots of little pieces--lots of holiday cheer.

The backing is the same red I used on the front, and the binding is patterned with pinecones on a dark green ground. The green stars in the quilt have glitter--I wonder how it will wash? Everything we own that goes through the washer and dryer may be festive for a while! :)

It is so nice to post a finish instead of a WiP. Now off to the wash.

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Allietare--Second Clue

I finished clue two of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt, Allietare.

You can find her link HERE.

My first completed clue is posted HERE.

Red, grey and neutrals--I got the burst of color I wished for.

 I couldn't resist adding a little whimsy:

Sock Monkeys!

I'm having a great time with this--ready for next week!

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