Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Expecting a Baby

No, not I!

My son and his wife will be parents in November. What is an Abuela to do in that situation? Make a quilt, of course!

I was going to try to make a calm, sedate baby quilt, but my style choices are usually about as peaceful as a riot. Once I saw the Laurel Burch flannel--I was a goner. No more plans for pale green and grey--I wanted her wild animals.

Wild Baby 42" x 54"

Wild Baby (backing)

Wild Baby (backing and binding detail)

I went with a simple pattern to show off the fabrics. Also, since today's babies lie ON quilts more than UNDER them, I wanted something without too many seams to create uncomfortable lumps.

I made sure that I didn't make the top too wide--I wanted to showcase the backing fabric without having to interrupt the pattern to widen it.

I had such fun working with these prints. I would find myself staring into the animals' eyes, just enjoying Burch's artistry. I hope my granddaughter enjoys it, too.