Friday, January 26, 2018

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017 was hosted by soscrappy. Each month, we worked with a color--at the end of the year, I put my blocks together. Here is the result.

66" x 92"

Backing and binding (detail)

One of the months, we were to use multi-colored scraps. Because I wanted to stick with single colors in my Rainbow quilt, I used that month to create this quilt which I called Stringing Beads.


During the month when we were to use neutrals, I worked on a couple of other projects. (I had used neutral strings each month in my rainbow-colored blocks.) One was my leader/ender project, and the other was a string quilt (as yet unfinished) which I call Boxes of Strings. I'll post instructions for it when I finish!

Leader/Ender Project--Two-Rail Fence

Boxes of Strings

Thanks so much to soscrappy for hosting this challenge.

I'm linking to ScrapHappy Saturday and Fiber Tuesday at The Quilting Room with Mel.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sapphire (Ruby) Stars is Finished

Last year, Kevin the Quilter hosted a mystery quilt project. He called it Sapphire Stars, and it was fun to participate with others in creating a quilt.

His quilt featured blue, but I went with my favorite color--RED! I don't think I ever really understood the concept of light red, so my quilt doesn't sparkle like Kevin's, but I like it. Please pardon the bad pictures--I was battling both the flu and the wind!

 Many thanks to Kevin for the great project.

I'm linking with Fiber Tuesday 143 at The Quilting Room with Mel.