Saturday, July 8, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge--July--Blue

I'm continuing the Rainbow Scrap Challenge--I have really enjoyed making these blocks each month (though my scrap collection is no smaller than when I began!).

My July blocks are blue--not my favorite color, but I do have quite a bit of blue variety.

I'm looking forward to assembling this quilt--it is the first rainbow-themed one I have done.

In other news--I finished the quilt from the April multi-colored blocks. I didn't want to use them in my rainbow quilt, so I invented a way to use them on their own.

This is Stringing Beads, a quilt of my own design.

You can read about the process HERE.

Thanks again to soscrappy for this great challenge!

I'm linking with Scrap Happy Saturday at soscrappy .

Friday, July 7, 2017

Sapphire Stars

I am joining a mystery hosted by Kevin the Quilter called Sapphire Stars. I love mysteries!

As you can see from the instructions for Clue #1, Kevin begins with blues (makes sense, right? SAPPHIRE stars). Since blue is not a favorite for me, I chose to go with red--I'll probably substitute blue where he uses red later in the mystery.

I had a lot of trouble with the concept of light red. I didn't want pink, or salmon, or coral--so I wasn't sure how to determine the lightest shade. In thinking about it, I believe the problem for me was that since red is my favorite color, I always go for the rich shades in bright or dark. I searched through some scraps from a friend and some collections of fat quarters, and I found some that I think add a bit of contrast--I just hope the difference in shades isn't too subtle to show up well in the quilt.

Here are a few of my blocks:

You KNEW there would be a sock monkey!

A few of these need a little trim, but, all in all, they went together well.

The beginning of a scrap quilt is the hardest--with only a few fabrics, you wonder if this will work out. Once I get lots more fabrics playing together, I know I'll be pleased with the results.

Thanks, Kevin, for hosting this mystery online--I look forward to the next clues.