Saturday, November 12, 2022

Winter Mystery--Chilhowie--Designed by Bonnie Hunter

It is that time of year again--Mystery Time. 🎉🎊🎉  Bonnie Hunter's mystery this year is entitled Chilhowie. You can find her introductory post with colors, amounts, and any special tools needed HERE.


I'm planning to change up the colors a bit. Instead of purple, I have burgundy; instead of orange, I'm going with yellow/gold; and Bonnie's aqua will change to green for me. I have an inspiration photo below.

Inspiration photo for Chilhowie

I don't usually pull out fabrics until they figure in the instructions--I know I have plenty of these.


I often work on another project alongside the mystery. This year, I think I'll do Ditch Lilies. It uses a lot of orange, so that is one reason I changed the color in the mystery. Orange is not my favorite, but it is necessary for Ditch Lilies--their orange glows in the summer sun.


This image is a link to the ordering page for the quilt pattern.


I'm looking forward to beginning this new mystery. Each week's clue will be posted on Bonnie's blog; there is no charge or sign-up required. Save the clues each week, even if you aren't making the quilt right now. After the reveal, she will take the instructions down, and the pattern will be available for purchase.

Happy Quilting! 😸