Monday, November 28, 2016

Four D9Ps for Donation

I made a bargain with myself--I could start Bonnie Hunter's mystery En Provence, if I made four donation quilts first.

I pulled a bunch of 5" squares from my scraps and made the same pattern in four colorways. The backs are pieced from 5" squares as well. Only one back is pictured (final photo)--the others have the same scrappy piecing. The bindings are pieced from my leftover lengths of binding from other projects.

Brown/Cream Colorway

Black/White Colorway

Blue/White Colorway

Red/White Colorway

Pieced Backing

 I'm going to try to get these washed and delivered, so they can distribute them before Christmas.

Updated to add--they have been delivered and will show up under Christmas trees later this month!

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En Provence--Part 1

I'm enjoying the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt process again this year.

I haven't posted my fabric selections yet, so here they are:

Greens, Yellows, and Two Magenta Choices

Dark Purple and Lavender, (and a little of the Green again)

I didn't photograph the neutrals--but I have lots of them! My fabrics pictured above are a bit messy--they really are scraps in most cases, and there was no neatening them up. I'll pick and choose among the fabrics pictured as we go along.

I completed the first clue. I really need someone to count for me--somehow I ended up with 55 extras!

I tried to keep them fairly quiet in shade--we have a bunch of noisy colors coming later. I was on the fence about one of the fabrics, until I read the selvage:

With a name like that--it was meant to be!

Stay tuned to Bonnie's site for more mystery fun.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trunk Full Of Quilts – 2016

 Online Quilt Trunk Show 2016 | Whims And Fancies

Once again, Soma at Whims and Fancies is hosting an online trunk show. It is so much fun to look at and admire everyone's entries--be sure to visit; you will be glad you did!

Though I made many other quilts in 2016, I am proud of having completed five Bonnie Hunter quilt designs this year. Since one of them is a gift, still to be given, I can't show it, but here are the other four.

First: Last year's mystery quilt, Allietare. This was the first of Bonnie's annual mysteries that I made--it certainly won't be the last!


Second: I made Jamestown Landing from the book, String Fling. Though Bonnie's quilt features the color blue, I went with my favorite--RED!

Jamestown Landing

Third: Old Tobacco Road was a mystery from 2009. I used the instructions under the "Free Patterns" tab on Bonnie's website to make this one.

Old Tobacco Road

And finally: I just completed Pfeffernüsse, also from String Fling.


Thanks for hosting the trunk show, Soma. Thanks, too, to all the participants in the show whose work is so beautiful and inspiring.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pfeffernüsse is Pfinished!

I've made several Bonnie Hunter quilts this year: Allietare, Jamestown Landing, Carolina Chain (haven't shown that one yet; it's a secret!), Old Tobacco Road, and I've just finished Pfeffernüsse. Can you tell I'm clearing the decks for this year's mystery En Provence?

My first post about Pfeffernüsse is HERE.

This was a fun quilt to make--I love string blocks; I love pinwheels; I love multi-pattern neutrals; I love red. (Okay, I don't love making QSTs so much, but they were worth it in this case!)  This pattern can be found in Bonnie Hunter's book, String Fling.

The quilt is nearly 90" x 90"--and backed with flannel, so it was a bit of a bear to quilt on my DSM, but perseverance pays off! 

The photos aren't great--it was a VERY sunny day!


Pfeffernüsse (border and binding detail)

Pfeffernüsse (detail)

Pfeffernüsse (backing detail)

Pfeffernüsse (fun bread print in the bottom corner of the brown triangle!)

I'm looking forward to this year's mystery quilt to begin the day after Thanksgiving. Will I work on it exclusively? Actually, I've already started HSTs for Twirl Around from Bonnie's new book, Addicted to Scraps. *grin*  Yes, I am a quilt addict (and PROUD of it!).

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mystery Completed!

I've been a bit slow the past month getting things finished, but I finally am done with this mystery quilt.

I followed a mystery on the Quilting Board forum (thanks, Judy!) to make this. Instead of putting the extra blocks on the back as I usually do, I made throw pillows with them. This will be a gift for our departmental adopted holiday family at Christmas.

It feels good to get a finish! I hope there will soon be more to come.

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