Saturday, June 20, 2020

I Love Scrappy Quilts!

My title will come as no surprise if you have seen any of my quilts!

This first one is made of HSTs that I created from a batch of "creatively-cut" (AKA wonky) squares that I got from a friend (Thanks, Leesa). This is the second quilt from the batch of squares--you can find the first HERE.

Scrappy HSTs--64" x 76"

This photo is of three quilts (overlapped) made of 3.5" squares. I cut these from scraps and combine them with neutrals to use as leaders and enders.

Leaders & Enders Quilts (each is 64" x 76")

These also have backs pieced of 5" scrap squares. They even have scrappy bindings--like I said, I Love Scrappy Quilts!

Leaders & Enders Quilts (back and binding detail)

Happy Summer Solstice! 🌞

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Finally--Some Photos!

I am bad about putting off the photography of my quilts--and a blog post without pictures is a bit boring. I finally got some taken today--yay me!

Here is my version of Frolic--the Bonnie Hunter Mystery.

Frolic 88" x 88"

Frolic (detail)--I wanted to add Kermit the Frog because of a funny segment on Sesame Street that ended, "Everybody Frolic!"

Frolic (detail)--What's a busy scrap quilt without a Waldo to Find?

Frolic (border and backing detail)--Excuse the chalk lines; they will wash out.

Frolic (detail)--Cats, elephants, funny faces, and the Eiffel Tower

Frolic (detail)--Mary Poppins, more funny faces, and gooseneck desk lamps--there is a fabric for everything!

Next is a quilt made from some scraps from a friend. It is a Churn Dash/Greek Cross combination. I did this combo before (though not on-point)--you can see it HERE.

Dash/Cross 80" x 80"

Dash/Cross (border and binding detail)

Dash/Cross (block detail)

Finally, I have a couple of random pictures. First, some petunias.

These are red and yellow-gold, a combination I hadn't seen before. The yellow/gold shows up best when it is cloudy; the sun seems to change it to a whiter shade.

Second, a puzzle I finally finished--1000 pieces, and the words are tiny!

I've got several more quilts in progress; I'll share them when finished. Happy quilting!