Friday, October 16, 2015

Christmas Strings Part III

A Green Day

Since I don't have enough of the red fabric I've been using in my triangles to make the whole quilt I have planned, I have decided to use green for half the blocks. The green has a bit of glitter in it which doesn't show up in the photos.

I like the green, but the triangles today seem a bit darker overall, so I think I'll pick up some lighter fabrics to use next time (white or cream backgrounds--still Christmas prints).

Some of today's details:

Doesn't everyone have fabric with flamingos wearing Santa hats?

Nutcracker Men

I'm not sure what berries have to do with Christmas, but they are pretty.

Another beautiful fabric

I haven't decided on a layout yet; I could simply alternate the green and red stars, or I could do an around-the-world arrangement. I'll have to try it out when I have enough to arrange.

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  1. Those flamingoes are just the cutest!

  2. The flamingoes are certainly a new slant on Christmas fabric :)

    Thanks for linking up to Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew too!

  3. They are fun--they even have glitter! :)

  4. Haha love the flamingo - I have a flamingo zipper bag (I made it a few years ago) that I use every Christmas to hold my Christmas receipts :D 'mingo NEVER tells my husband how much I've spent ;)

    1. That sounds great--I still have most of a yard left--I may make little bags!

      Thanks for visiting my blog. :)


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