Saturday, March 12, 2016

New Sewing Pins

I'm a pinner, and I don't mind admitting it!

For years, I used my regular garment sewing pins for quilting, but two years ago for Christmas, my husband bought me a box of extra fine pins, and I loved them! Problem was, now that I needed new ones, I couldn't remember the brand. I ordered three different kinds to test them against each other. (And, by posting this, I can look back to find what I want next time!)

Here are the three kinds--two are Dritz brand and the other is Clover.

Here are the three types out of the box. One of the Dritz boxes and the Clover box are long (47 and 48 mm--about 1 7/8"). The other Dritz pins (with the white heads) are shorter (35mm/1 3/8"). All have glass heads, so they can stand up to the iron.

I've always liked long pins, but they do bend with use. I was very surprised to find that I preferred the shorter ones--though the shaft is the same gauge (.5 mm), the shorter length makes them feel sturdier, and they bend less. The shorter ones were the least expensive as well--always a plus!

Time will tell if they remain my favorites, but, for right now, I'm enjoying them. You must be a quilter if you get pleasure from new pins!

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