Sunday, January 22, 2017

Revisiting an Experiment

About a year and a half ago, I made a bunch of string blocks for an experiment. I wasn't thrilled with the result, so I put the remaining blocks away to use later. I decided that this week was "later" enough!

The posts about these blocks are entitled Playtime at the Hacienda (Part 1) and Playtime at the Hacienda (Part 2). The finished experiment can be found HERE.

I simply wasn't happy with the broad white stripe down the center of each block, so I decided to cut them up.


Cut in half down the length of the center strip

I had some other blocks without the white stripe, so I thought I'd combine the two types in the blocks.

Block without the white center strip cut in half across the strips

I tried a layout, but the arrangement of the white strips wasn't ideal.

One experimental layout

Still not satisfied, I trimmed the white strip completely off the first set of triangles and paired them with triangles from the second group in which the strips went a different direction..

I liked the result; however, a whole quilt of these blocks would likely have been a crazy-making sight! Hmmmmm............

I didn't want to go with a completely plain alternate block--the blocks are 11", so that would be too much plainness. How about an alternate block with quite a bit of plain area, but interest in the middle? I still had lot of string blocks to use, so I tried a pieced alternate block.

This friendship star block seemed to fit the bill--enough background to settle the craziness, but enough interest not to be boring. I cut the string blocks to form the star, so it ties to the rest of the quilt.

They were easy to set together--very few seams to match.

I'm pleased with the look of this. It isn't finished (I'm still thinking about a border), but I'm really glad to have put these to use. I still have string blocks left, so there may be more experimenting with them in my future!


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    1. Thanks, Cheryl. It feels good to use the blocks in a way I really like.

      Thanks for visiting and for your comments--I appreciate it!

  2. Looks great! Wonderful way to use those blocks.


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