Monday, February 6, 2017

Still Making a Mystery

I'm still working on the mystery from another quilting forum--you remember, the one with the crazy eyeball fabric!

Here is my alternate block.

Here is the star block.

The eyeballs seem a bit less crazy when placed in the block. Still plenty of work ahead for me on this one, but I am pleased with the design.

Thanks, Judy. The mystery thread on the Quilting Board forum can be found HERE.

The first clue about fabric selection and amounts needed is Post #1.

The second clue is at Post #143.

The third clue is at Post #255. (There is a mistake in this clue--the HSTs and the light squares should be cut at 2" [not 2.5"].)

The final clue is at Post # 458 (Another small error--you will need 48 [not 24] 2" squares of each the light and the dark for snowballing.)

I'm linking with Fiber Tuesday 97 at The Quilting Room with Mel.

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