Tuesday, May 9, 2017


The rain has finally stopped, though everything is still soggy. The yard needs some clean-up, but I wanted to share a few flower pictures--so, pardon the wild overgrowth!

I have a fence covered with Rambler roses--they will get some pretty severe pruning when the blooming is done.

My Asian dogwood is blooming, too.

Some roses (other than the Ramblers) as well.



Night Owl

My peonies are just beginning to bloom. Here are a couple of them.

Our hot water heater is repaired--YAY!  Thursday, we will take delivery of a washer and dryer. We will wait for Memorial Day sales for the deep freeze. The furnace controller will have to wait a bit, but we won't be needing it soon, so that's okay.

The basement still needs a bit more clean-up, but we are making progress. Thanks for all the kind words from readers about the flooding mess--I appreciate you.

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