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Just a Quilt?--Quilting in Children's Literature

 Quilts can offer many things. In this book, the quilt offers an outlet for imagination.

Keys, Dalen. Just a Quilt? Illustrated by Kim Sponaugle. Fruitbearer, 2008. ISBN: 978-1886068-34-6 

This very simple book tells the story of Chase (based on the author's son). As he gets ready for an overnight visit to his grandma, he and his mother have a conversation about the quilt he has packed to take with him.

Chase goes on to tell his mom what his quilt really is: a busy airport; a deep, dark cave; a safari tent; and more. Each illustration shows Chase using his quilt in a different way. In the end, his mom agrees that he should get

The brightly colored illustrations by Kim Sponaugle fit the tone of this book. The meanings of some of the more difficult words like "explorer" or "safari" are made clear through the illustrations.

The reading age for this book is listed as 4-8 years, though a younger child would enjoy the story as a read-aloud.

The author's wife is a quilter, and the pattern for Chase's Quilt is available HERE.

Happy Quilting! 😺

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  1. This would be a great book for my grandkids, since they have so many quilts already.

    1. A quilter's grandkids will always be warm! 😉


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