Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Summer Sunshine

Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow,

Turn this very blue quilt YELLOW!

Summer Sunshine (AKA Winter Blues designed by Bonnie Hunter)--84" x 94"

Winter Blues designed by Bonnie Hunter

 Click the photo above to buy the pattern from Bonnie's store.

When I first saw this pattern, I somehow KNEW that I had to make it in yellows. Yellow isn't my favorite color (that would be red), but it seemed just right for this.

Yellow, yellow, yellow!

My version is less scrappy than Bonnie's--I used a white-on-white swiss dot, a white-on-yellow polka dot, and a pale yellow sunshine print for the alternate blocks, and I went scrappy for the 16-patches. The border is made of scrappy string blocks (my favorite!).

My friend, Leah, did the quilting for me (Thanks so much, Leah!).

Leah took this photo that shows the quilting pattern.

Summer Sunshine (border and binding detail)

Summer Sunshine (detail)


I chose a sunny yellow gingham for the back and a narrow yellow stripe for the binding of this very bright quilt.

As is usual for Bonnie Hunter's writing, this was a clear and strightforward pattern that went together smoothly. It was nice to work on this cheerful quilt during the dark winter days (and the rainy spring ones!).

Happy Quilting! 😎


  1. I LOVE your yellow quilt, so bright and sunny! This will be the perfect quilt to put on your bed next winter during the long dreary gray days of winter. She'll certainly bring a smile to your face, she did to me! Bonnie likes really scrappy quilt but I like your version better, the blocks are more distinct.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Gretchen.

      Thanks, too, for visiting my blog.

  2. So happy, I love this pattern in yellow!

  3. That's sew pretty! Much better than turning a fat rat yellow (and your spell worked). Great job!

    1. Thanks! Much better than a fat rat--maybe I have a future at Hogwarts. 😉


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