Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Big Boy Quilt

I made a quilt for one of my grand-nephews.

Here is his baby quilt.

I try to make a flannel baby quilt, then a regular cotton big-kid quilt for kids in my family. This way, when they move from a crib to a big bed, they have a quilt that will fit.

This time, I went with a string quilt. I made 4.5" HSTs with strings and a neutral background. I arranged them in a layout I saw HERE.

Here is my result.

String Squares (76" x 94")

String Squares (binding and border detail)

He likes a series of books about The Little Blue Truck. I didn't find licensed fabric for the character, but I did find blue trucks for the backing.

String Squares (backing and binding detail)

Lots and lots of scraps in this one--I hope he likes it!

Happy Quilting! 😸



  1. I love those trucks,and I know he will too! You are a great aunt 😉

  2. I also made baby quilts, and then I Spy quilts for the 2y olds, which were always a big hit. Soon it'll be time for teen quilts....

    1. Yes! Sooner than we think! Thanks for visiting, Sue.


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