Saturday, September 5, 2015

Improvisational Quilt

This quilt began as an experiment in making hourglass/QST blocks. You can see the post about it here: Hourglass Blocks. Then, I added four-patches. Then I added some more four-patches. Then I added a border. Then I added another border... Let's just say it grew improvisationally.

I made a layout plan on EQ7 after I made the blocks.

The actual quilt looks a bit different, but I am so glad to have the EQ7 program for a layout tool.

I used a black paisley print for the backing and binding.

I like the quilt, but I love all shades of red (except those with yellow in them). I'm hoping the color combination won't be too jarring for the quilt's recipient.

This quilt grew in the making; I didn't begin with an overall plan. Perhaps I should call myself The Experimental Abuela!

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  1. That is such a sweet design!!! Love the use of pinks and reds. :)

    Thank you for visiting me. I appreciate your comments. :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for the compliment on the quilt. I appreciate it!

  3. EQ7 is a wonderful tool! Beautiful finish and I love the red!

  4. Thank you, Jayne. I appreciate your taking the time to visit my blog.

  5. Congrats on a successful experiment. Beautifully done.

  6. Thank you, Kate. And thanks for visiting!

  7. Red is so warm and welcoming a color. Your quilt turned out fantastic and I love it! If it is too much for your recipient, then you get to keep it, heh heh.

  8. Lara, she loved it--guess I'll have to make another for myself! :)

  9. The couple of times I have started something without a plan I had such fun! This turned out wonderfully! I have been rather preoccupied with HSTs, and after perusing your blog a bit, think I may be missing out on some serious QST fun!!!!

    1. HSTs are fun, too--I love making pikes of them. I just wanted to try something new to me.


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