Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Another Mystery Quilt

I really love making mystery quilts! On a forum to which I belong, a lovely lady drafts mysteries for the readers to do--free of charge! She gives great instructions and feedback, and the journey is always fun.

This mystery quilt is from Feb/Mar 2015. I got the quilt back from the longarm quilter in April, but since it is so big (90" x 120"), I had trouble getting a photograph. Finally, I just did the best I could, so I could be sure to have a record of it after it is given as a gift.

Here are a couple of close-ups. The triangles and the border of each block are all done in various colors of paisley.

In this shot of the four patches before they were sewn with the other elements, you can see that the red is a marbled fabric and that the neutrals are several different fabrics.

Here you can see the blocks--two four-patches and two HSTs.

The blocks were bordered and sashed,

then sewn together.

As usual, I had some help with the quilt. Nothing slides around while my quilt stabilizer, Dac, is on duty!

This is a tale of the quilt that grew and grew. I thought I was done, when she (the quilt) told me she needed a border: "You're not going to send me out into the world with just this skinny little sashing, are you?" So, though she was already huge, I added a paisley border--I think she was right; she DID need it.

This is one I had to send out to be quilted--there is no way I could have done the quilting at home on my domestic sewing machine. My quilter, Penny, also did the binding. When the quilt came home, she just felt done--and she was.

This is planned as a special Christmas gift.  I'm sure the quilt will love her new home, and I think the recipient will love her as well.

I'm linking with Cooking Up Quilts: MCM #41 and Quilt Story: Fabric Tuesday #254 .


  1. Wow! That is a great quilt! I bet it was fun to make too!

    1. It really was--I loved the fabrics I was using.
      Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Mystery quilts are so fun! This is a wonderful quilt and sooo big! It will make a fabulous Christmas present. :) Thanks for linking up to MCM.

  3. The red and white blocks look so festive. I am too much of a control freak to make a mystery quilt. I need to know in advance if I like the finished look...LOL


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