Sunday, November 1, 2015

Holiday Family 2015--Finished Quilt

I finished the nine-patch for the family my department adopts for the holidays. My first blog post about it is here: Holiday Family 2015 Project

It is a simple nine-patch pattern with a large, nine-patch pieced back.

66" x 84"

Pieced Back

Detail of Fabrics

Assembly was fast--I made strip sets of threes:

Subcut into blocks:

Then sewed them together.

My helper is keeping an eye on the quality of the work.

I pieced the back to echo the nine-patch on the front and did a diagonal quilting pattern. Bound with black, the quilt is done.

This is a very traditional quilt, but, I think, an attractive one suitable for a family.

I'm linking to The Quilting Room with Mel: Fiber Tuesday 33.


  1. It's so clever of you to stitch the rows and then cut. I would never have thought to do that.

    1. Strip piecing really saves time, and I feel like it creates more consistency as well.

      Thanks for visiting my blog!


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