Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Old Tobacco Road--A Bonnie Hunter Quilt

I'm starting the units for another Bonnie Hunter quilt--Old Tobacco Road. This was a mystery quilt in 2005, but the pattern can now be found under the "Free Patterns" tab at Quiltville's Quips and Snips.

Here is Bonnie's finished quilt. (Click on the photo to go to her posting.)


I'm planning a couple of differences. Because I have trouble seeing the pinwheels clearly when I'm looking at the whole quilt, I've decided to do them in constant colors--I hope they will stand out a bit more for me that way. I also plan to use a constant cream in the four-patches. I want to follow the colors in this photograph of a tobacco field that Bonnie posted.


The four patches will include lots of golds, but I'll also throw in some orange, coral, yellow, etc. to echo the photo. I think using a constant cream will create more play among the other colors.

My sewing area is very small, and I like having things to do that I can complete without having to move things to get to my machine. This quilt takes nearly 400 HSTs, so I have sewn them and now have cutting, trimming, and pressing to do on those days I don't want to move things around.

I'm doing eight-at-a-time HSTs.

I'll show more of this process in a later post. Here are a few I finished sewing, cutting, and pressing today. (They still need to be trimmed to size.) I wanted to make sure I liked the fabrics together, and I do. (The color of the green is a bit off in the photos--it is darker than it looks here).

This is a "no hurry" project. I'll keep you up-to-date as I work through it--around my other projects! 

I'm linking with Sew Fresh Quilts: Let's Bee Social #113.


  1. Beautiful start on a great scrappy quilt. Looking forward to following your progress ... :) Pat


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