Monday, May 16, 2016


I am working on several quilting projects, but I thought I'd switch up this post to show you some blooms.

Several years ago (6 or 7), I planted peonies. I never saw a sign of them in the intervening years, but this year:

I made a map of where I planted the different types, but after several years of no growth, it felt like a schematic to a graveyard, and I tossed it. So now, I don't have the names, but the flowers are beautiful and fragrant nonetheless!

I planted rambler roses a couple of years ago along the backyard fence, and they are just now coming into their own. The picture looks a little washed-out (it was very sunny), but here they are at the beginning of their blooms:

And a close-up:

Finally--This Candyland rose bush isn't thriving, but it always manages a few spectacular blooms each year:

I wish the blog had a "smell" feature--all of these are wonderfully scented. Enjoy the blooms!

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