Sunday, May 1, 2016

Milky Way

This quilt is a wedding gift for my niece and her husband who were married yesterday in a beautiful, outdoor ceremony.

The front is a pattern called Milky Way. It is a traditional block (the pattern can be found HERE). It is a tessellating pattern, so the block picture doesn't really do it justice--you only see the interlocking stars when it has been assembled. Mine is a bit of a variation on the block--I added the four-patches which makes the pattern look a bit like a Snail's Trail.

The back looks a bit washed out in the photos (the sun was very bright). It was pieced with orphan blocks, leftovers, and squares of purples from my stash. No real plan here--just spread out the odd blocks among the plain ones.

It measures about 90" x 90". I quilted it with simple, straight lines in a lilac colored thread. 

With this quilt, I learned that my brain doesn't tessellate well! It reminded me a bit of my confusion the first time I set a quilt on point, but I've learned to do that, so I think I could do another of these, if I tried (though, to give my brain a rest--it may be a while).

Best wishes for many years of joy to the happy couple.

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  1. Thank you, Marjorie--and thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Beautiful work! The 4-patches were a great addition, since they add so much to the interlocking pattern. I love the design, and the gorgeous variety on the backing!

  3. Oh, what beauty~ You truly made the best wedding gift ever! Those stars on the front are mesmerizing....wonderful!The back is a quilt in its own right; you gave them 2 in 1!


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