Sunday, June 5, 2016

Finished Mystery Quilt

I finished the quilt I wrote about HERE

As I mentioned, I chose these colors and low-contrast fabrics because I am going to donate this quilt, and I realize not everyone shares my tastes.

Overall, the quilt looks very pale to me. My husband said it looks "old-timey."

The stars are pretty up close, though my yellow is so light that it almost can't be distinguished from the neutral.

 I put my extra blocks (I ALWAYS have extra blocks!) on the back. The backing fabric is also a very pale yellow.

Though I may not love the colors, it was, all in all, a successful mystery--thanks Judy!

And here is my helper looking at me this morning as if to say, "You want to put the quilt here? I thought all the extra room was for ME!" :)

Happy sewing!

I'm linking with Fiber Tuesday 63 at The Quilting Room with Mel.


  1. Another beautiful masterpiece. Old timey simplicity and colors. I know it was hardly simple to make but the finished "look" is clean, uncomplicated and beautiful!


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