Monday, December 17, 2018

Flannel Scraps

About a month ago, I organized my fabric. I pulled out all the leftover flannel scraps from other projects and started cutting them into usable sizes.

I cut 2.5", 3.5", and 6.5" squares. I put the 2.5" squares together in nine-patches and the 3.5" into four-patches. Now everything measured 6.5", and I kitted them up for throw-size quilts.

I kitted kids' flannel into 80 units per bag. The quilts are/will be 8x10 blocks (48" x 60" finished). The other fabrics, I planned for adult quilts at 10x12 blocks (60" x 72" finished). In the end, I had enough for 4 kids' and 6 adults' quilts.

One kit

Blocks in a kit

I've sewn the kids' quilt tops together and have started on those for adults. The layout is random, so I can just sit down and sew these. I plan to use flannel backing to make these really snuggly and warm.

Kids' quilts

Working on adult quilt

There is a lot of sandwiching and quilting in my future, but I'm glad to have a plan for these flannel leftovers.


  1. I plan on tackling flannel next year and like your approach - thanks for sharing

    1. Sometimes, it's fun to do a project that doesn't take too much figuring!


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