Friday, December 28, 2018

Good Fortune Clue 6

Yay! More string piecing! :)

This clue went quickly--I have such fun string piecing that time seems to fly. Narrow strips like this can stretch, so I'll leave them on the paper foundation for now and take them off as I use them.

On another note, I got this great picture of my granddaughter in the nightgown I made for her for Christmas. I love pictures that show things I've made actually being used!

Happy New Year--I hope it is a joyous and prosperous one for you.

I'll be linking with Quiltville's Mystery Monday.


  1. It's nice when the things we make are actually used. Happy New Year!

  2. it is nice that when we make things they are used!

  3. Your granddaughter's nightgown looks beautifully warm; absolutely right for this time of year. It's so nice that she had a photo taken for you.

  4. I love your strips. Great fabrics! Happy New Year!

  5. It was the most fun! Love the pics/objects in your strings! Happy New Year!

  6. Looks like you are all ready for the next step in the mystery. Happy new year!


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