Saturday, August 7, 2021

Double Disappearing Nine Patch (D9P)

 I love D9Ps, but I hadn't tried doubling the pattern until now!

Double D9P (80" x 80")

I had a layer cake of which I wasn't too fond, so I put it to work trying this. A double D9P isn't hard--you just do the cutting and sewing twice. Start with a nine-patch, cut it in quarters, then use those pieces for the corners in a bigger nine-patch, and cut that one in quarters. Arrange in the pattern you prefer. I have some instructions on making a standard D9P HERE.

Double D9P (Backing and binding detail)

 As I mentioned, I am not fond of the print fabrics (I'm really not a low-volume kind of quilter). I also found that starting with 5" blocks in the first nine-patch meant that the second nine-patch that I constructed used very large blocks. The result is that I wound up with more white than I wished in the final quilt.

Next time, I'm starting smaller. If I use 2" blocks to make the first nine-patch, the second iteration blocks will be 3", much smaller than the 7.5" from my first attempt. I could even, perhaps, triple the procedure to see what that would look like.

I see more experiments in my future!

Happy Quilting! 😸


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