Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Time for a Baby Quilt!

 My niece has a new (big!) baby boy, so you know what I did--made a flannel baby quilt!

Baby Quilt--36" x 54"


The red flannel is printed with a funny assortment of animals (cows, horses, owls, foxes, giraffes, elephants, and dinosaurs--dinosaurs?!?). I think the fabric designer asked some kids what their favorite animals were, rather than sticking with a theme. 😸  I made this as a D9P with green in the center squares. I also pieced the back.


Baby Quilt (back and binding detail)

Welcome little one! 👶


  1. Cute! I finally finished my Family Reunion quilt tops based on your string quilt tutorial. I posted the tops on my blog (and linked back to your tutorial). I did change it up, since I didn't have time to make string blocks, I switched that to 16 patch blocks. Both quilts look great. Thanks!

  2. I'm going to look now--thanks for letting me know!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog--I appreciate it.


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