Friday, September 24, 2021

Bonnie Hunter Mystery Retrospective

Like so many other quilters, I am looking forward to Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt this year. I decided to look back at the ones I have done in the past. The dates refer to the year of the beginning of the mystery.

Allietare (2015)

 My first mystery quilt, Allietare (2015), was serendipitously in my favorite red! I was apprehensive about this one--it was my first BH mystery, and I knew there would be so many small pieces. With the wonderful instructions for each step, I wound up having no trouble at all! I changed the border a bit from Bonnie's directions. This quilt is on my bed each winter.



En Provence (2016)

The next year's mystery was En Provence (2016)--I wasn't sure about the magenta star points, but I was happy with it in the end. This was a gift to my daughter.



On Ringo Lake (2017)

 On Ringo Lake (2017) was next. I called mine the "Chocolate Lovers" edition, because my browns were printed with chocolate candies and chips. I made a change in the instructions from aqua to green. It was a Christmas gift to Mom.



Good Fortune (2018)

Good Fortune began in 2018. I subbed a yellow/gold for the original orange of the mystery fabrics. This quilt lives with my sister.

Frolic (2019)

I'm STILL using leftover units from Frolic (2019)! I seriously overestimated the number of pieces I needed. The quilt now lives with my mom.

Grassy Creek (2020)

Last year's mystery was Grassy Creek (2020). I used a blue constant instead of the suggested green--it looks like a clear October sky.



Unity (2020)

Not exactly a mystery, but rather a quilt-a-long from Quiltville, Unity (2020) was a bonus quilt to help quilters cope with the 2020 lockdown. It is a medallion-style quilt to which rounds were added weekly.




I've done a few after-the-fact mysteries as well.


Old Tobacco Road (2009)

I loved choosing the colors for Old Tobacco Road (2009) from an inspiration photo. The quilt was a gift to my son and his family.

Celtic Solstice (2013)

I changed the colors a bit with my version of Celtic Solstice (2013). It is made with constant fabrics in solid colors.

Orca Bay (2011)

 Orca Bay (2011) was a pattern that intimidated me, but I took it one step at a time, and I succeeded! It is made with Christmas fabrics, and it is mine. 🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄

The colors for this year's mystery will be released around Hallowe'en, and the mystery will begin the day after Thanksgiving (USA), 26 November 2021. Information will be posted on the Quiltville blog.

Happy Quilting! 😺



  1. What a fabulous collection of Bonnie quilts you’ve made! I’ve only finished one and have another in progress. Yours are beautiful!

    1. Thanks! I've made a few more, but they weren't mystery quilts. Her designs are my favorites. Enjoy your quilt-in-progress.

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. I still like Frolic a lot because of the wavy motion the pattern gives. I made En Provence for my first one (took 2 years) and will finish Unity later this fall. You've done great on all of these!

  3. I am working on a bunch of nine patch blocks now. May I know when the mystery quilt starts and how I can join in? I'm new to your blog but not new to quilting.

    1. The Quiltville mystery begins around Hallowe’en with an introduction and fabric requirements. The steps of the mystery begin the day after Thanksgiving and are posted weekly on Fridays until the mystery is finished (the number of weeks of clues vary from year to year depending upon the project). The mystery is free, and there is no joining up—just jump in and enjoy.

      Everything is posted on Bonnie Hunter’s blog: There is a Facebook group called “Quiltville Open Studio” where some of those participating in the mystery post photographs. I believe there is also a group on Instagram (I don’t use IG, so I’m not sure.).

      Thanks for visiting my blog—I appreciate it very much!

  4. I love her quilt designs and well-written instructions.


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