Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cutting Up Scraps

Sometimes, when I am between projects, I like to cut up scraps into the sizes I use the most. Doing this creates order out of a chaos of leftover fabrics. Storage of the cut pieces is more efficient for me. Plus, there is the added benefit of having one step already done when it is time to start a new scrappy project.

This is the result of today's session.

Many systems for cutting scraps exist--one that many people follow is Bonnie Hunter's. You can find her ideas here:

Another good system is found in the book Scrap Therapy by Joan Ford.

I find that these systems, while full of great ideas, don't really address the sizes that I use most, so I cut 7" squares, 5" squares, 3.5" squares and leftover strips for string quilts.

  • I use 7" squares when making HSTs--they are 6.5" after trimming, so four of them sewn together create a 12.5" square--a very common size of quilt block. 
  • The 5" squares can be used in charm square patterns or can be used to create 4.5" HSTs. 
  • The HSTs created from 3.5" squares can be trimmed to 2.5"--another very common unit in quilt patterns.
  • Leftover differing width strips are great for string quilts.

These are the sizes that work best for me--you may find others that better fit your quilting style. Some people prefer to wait and cut as they create quilts, but for me, the organizational benefit of cutting my scraps is important--I like order!

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