Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jamestown Landing--Part 3

I finally completed all the units for my Jamestown Landing quilt. Now I'm starting the assembly.

It is a complicated layout, so I'm going very slowly and comparing each piece with the instructions in the book, String Fling by Bonnie Hunter.

Up close, I didn't feel like the overall pattern was showing up, but when I took photographs, I saw it clearly. Sometimes you have to step back to see it better!

Lots (and lots!) of pieces to go, but so far, I am very pleased with it.

Previous posts about this quilt can be found HERE (Part 1) and HERE (Part 2).

I am linking with Fiber Tuesday 44 at The Sewing Room with Mel.


  1. Lovely quilt, but then I've always loved Bonnie Hunter. Deliciously scrappy is how I would describe this! It's amazing what happens sometimes when we step back from a quilt, and also when we step close! You're so close to a finish! Congrats.

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. Thanks, too, for visiting my blog.

  2. That is gorgeous. A photograph always does wonders.

    1. Thank you. Isn't it funny how looking at a picture shows us things we don't see when looking right at something? :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks--now to quilt it! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)


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