Sunday, September 18, 2016

Working on a Mystery (Final Clue Update)

A friend of mine, Judy, at the Quilting Board forum engineers some really wonderful Mystery Quilt Train Rides. We have just begun #14.

The first clue was fabric selection: First Clue
The second was HSTs and some additional cutting: Second Clue

  • Note on Clue #2: The following sentence should be corrected as indicated.  From the C fabric, cut 24 12 pieces that measure 4-1/2” x 2-1/2” and set aside.

The third was flying geese and some additional cutting: Third Clue
  • Note on Clue #3: The following sentence should be corrected as indicated:  From Fabrics B, C and D, cut 12 squares from each fabric, all measuring 2-1/2”. You will use these 24 36 squares next week.
The final clue includes a small amount of cutting and assembly: Final Clue

  • Note on Clue #4: The following section should be corrected as indicated: Corner square -- Assemble with the squares and HSTs. Each 4-1/2” block will have 2 HST in C B/D and one each of a 2-1/2” square of A B and D. See picture. You will have 12 of this unit. All will look alike. Watch alignment of pieces.

The thread has a lot of conversation about each step--it is a fun, social experience.

I have chosen these fabrics: I'm reserving judgement on A, until I find if the scale is too large for the size of the cuts.

A-Large print; B-Small print; C-Rust blender; D- White on teastain neutral

I'll keep you updated with progress reports.

Progress: Clue 3 (link added above)

HSTs from Clue 2 & Flying Geese from Clue 3

 Everything should come together next week--I'm excited to see how the pieces fit.

Progress: Clue 4 (link added above)

Completed Block
I think my A fabric works here--it shows up well in the center of the block. I'm still working on assembling the blocks. I'll post a picture when I have finished.

I'm linking with Fiber Tuesday 78 at The Quilting Room with Mel.

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