Sunday, December 2, 2018

Good Fortune Clues 1 & 2 and Donation Quilts

Yay for Mystery Quilts! I'm enjoying Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune Mystery.

Clue #1

Clue #2

And a selection of each

Five Leader/Ender Donation Quilts--I provide only one picture, but all are 3.5" (unfinished) squares arranged the same way. Sizes: 2@ 67"x86" and 3@ 62"x74"

I'll be linking with Quiltville's Monday Mystery Link-up.

Soon it will be time for Winter Break--yay! I'm ready for some serious quilting time. 😀


  1. I understand your glee at the winter break that’s just around the corner. Yay for you!!!! I am amazed at your production during the was all I could manage to plan what I’d sew on breaks. (I taught bilingual kindergarten)
    How many donation quilts have you made this year??? It seems to me that you show several finished quilts every few weeks.
    Some friends and I are making a “String of Beads” quilt to donate. Thank you so much for sharing that pattern.
    Hope you are able to sew as much as you want all during the holiday break.

    Karol Hogan

    1. I try to do about a dozen donation quilts per year--sometimes more, sometimes fewer. I would love to see your Sting of Beads quilt when it is finished--I love the versions that others make with the same pattern.

      Happy Holidays to you.

  2. Your units for Good Fortune are beautiful! What a great variety of fabrics!

    1. Thanks, Alison--thanks, too, for visiting my blog. :)

  3. Great start on Bonnie’s Mystery Quilt! Leader/ender scrap quilts are the best for community quilts, aren’t they? Kudos to you for having three ready to give.


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