Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Playtime at the Hacienda (Part 2)

I've been working on the string quilt I mentioned here. My idea for the layout was to try to make the string blocks look like floating triangles. I used a white 2.5" strip in the center of each, and I sashed with the same fabric and strip width.

Here I placed the white strip in the center and built the block from there.

Here are some of the completed blocks.

I am ready to add sashing to the bottom of the block. Make sure all the white strips are going the same way as you do this.

Sewing the sashing strip on bottom of block.

Press the sashing back from the block.

Add the second strip to the right side of the block.

Press back the second strip. Apply these strips to the bottom and right side of all your blocks.

You will have to put sashing on the left side of your far left column of blocks. Lay out your blocks to decide which ones need the left side sashing.

Your top row will need sashing along the top of the blocks.

The top left corner block will finish with sashing on all four sides. This picture shows the top left corner block and the three blocks adjacent to it.

Sew your blocks together into rows, and then sew the rows together to form the quilt top.

I had hoped that this layout would isolate the triangles making them look as if they were floating, but it doesn't appear that way. The secondary pattern is more of a broken, diagonal line formed by the colored part of the string blocks--pretty, but not what I had in mind.

I'll have to make some more blocks and try again. I think perhaps a different arrangement will produce the effect. Rather than making all the white strips go the same direction, perhaps turning some of them will create the look I want.

Oh darn, I'll have to play with more fabric! :)


  1. Very Nice! It's always fun to "have to" play with more fabric, right?

  2. It is a struggle, but I soldier on! :)

  3. So pretty! I want to make one like this too :)

  4. It would also look nice if you put the corners with the triangles to the center on all the blocks. I think I've seen layouts like that and they looked kind of cool .I like the way you have it too.

  5. Thanks, Bonnie. I'll try them every which way on the next layout to find just what I want! Thanks for looking at my blog.


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